Resident Benefits


  • PGY 1 receives 10 vacation days
  • PGY 2-5 receives 15 vacation days
  • Nine holidays and four holiday bonus days

*In accordance with University policy/or in compliance with board requirements.

Health Insurance

UK credit for plan and coverage level chosen

Parking Permit

The resident parking expense is deducted from payroll and GME credits payroll for the allotted allowance.  This allowance is usually based on the expense of the E-Permit.  

Lab Coats

Three per year

KY Dental/Medical Licensure

Medical: Original cost for Residency Training (R) / Institutional Permit (IP) plus yearly renewal

Disability Insurance

After twelve months of employment

Life Insurance

  • One times stipend coverage provided at no cost
  • Optional up to five times stipend

Meal Allowance

A meal allownae is added to the resident payroll.


Residents are eligible for the University’s retirement plan (matching contribution).

Additional information regarding prospective residents can be found on the University of Kentucky Graduate Medical Education (UKGME) web-site ( The UKGME staff ( can also answer questions for prospective candidates requiring visas.